Are always around. Unfortunately, you will not be able to readily know who they are. In fact usually these are the people who wish they had what you have. They will smile in your face just like the O’Jays sang in their 1972 hit song. While they are smiling at you they are secretly thinking about how to do you wrong. The best part about this whole thing is that they will deny any wrong doing when it is brought to their attention.

This is done because they are really only out for themselves. Those new people they are hanging around with will soon be gone as well. Once these folks run out of reasons to be in the presence of certain people, they will drop them faster than a bad habit. There are ways to recognize these people ahead of time.

Backstabbers usually do not have any long term friendships. They will tell you up front that they can drop people from their existence as fast as they snap their fingers. While they insist on unconditional loyalty, They are incapable of giving the same to you. That is because they are NEVER wrong.

They are usually people who have always endured a victim status when it comes to failed relationships.In their own defense they have never done anything thing to incur the wrath of others.Instead of looking inside themselves to make a change, they would rather deliberately spend their time trash talking other people.Don’t get me wrong, they have moments when they will praise someone else’s success. But this usually happens as a result of them getting something out of the deal.

Staying clear of these people is nearly impossible. Dealing with them strategically, is absolutely possible. By observing a code of conduct, that places a premium on your personal information, you can keep these people at arms length. Caution should be the rule of the day before you release too much of your most treasured secrets. Save that information for those in your inner circle! Enjoy the song!!