The Final Piece In Realizing Your Goal Is Receiving


The Final step In creating what you want is RECEIVING! Sounds easy doesn't it? Who wouldn't be ready to receive what they have been trying to create? Especially when it takes most people some time to get to this point. The reality is to properly RECEIVE what you have been waiting for takes some preparation.

I think of this step the same as a football player who is a receiver. It really is not much different if you think about it.The football player enters the field and his mind is on what he has to do ! Once he catches the ball in his hands he knows exactly what needs to be done. RECEIVING the ball then is NOT the end of what needs to be done. He must take the ball into the end zone in order to get a touchdown.

It is the same for us. Once we can see the goal coming our way, it is up to us to be prepared to take it the rest of the way. We can do this by allowing our blessing to impact our lives in a positive way. Without squandering it or becoming frivolous. That is the greatest challenge of all in receiving !

I often think about people who have won large amounts on the lottery. When they are interviewed they almost always say that they have been waiting to win for a long time. They had the INTENTION of winning and had been getting tickets all the time. But something interesting happen when the windfall shows up on their doorstep. All of a sudden anything and everything they ever THOUGHT about is readily available to them. They no longer live in a dream state. They have the means to purchase whatever comes to mind.

Once such lottery winner was a man from the south. He was a business owner and he hit for several million dollars. He said it was like a dream come true. One year later he filed for bankruptcy,closed his business and foreclosed on his home. He treated his windfall as though it were a destination unto itself. He did not hold onto enough of it to sustain himself. When he was interviewed about his loss, he admitted that he did not have enough foresight. He said he did not realize how much he was spending until it was too late.

It does not have to end this way though. Once we receive what what we have believed is coming our way, it is up to us remember that this is not the END! It is a brand new beginning !