The First Step In Creating What You Want..


Is to ASK ! For some people asking comes in the form of prayer. Some people meditate in order to gain clarity about their

desires. And still others stick with simply writing things down. Regardless of how you come to do the ASKING, it still has

to be the first step. Without your intentions being out in the universe you cannot receive anything.

It would be like expecting birthday gifts from your co-workers when they do not know what day you were born on. The

only thing they might notice about you on that day would be your disposition. You might be sad that no one recognized

your achievement of being here another year. As the day goes on you might become agitated over the lack of attention

from those around you. Finally you could get angry about the situation as well.

This is exactly what happens to people who do NOT ASK for what they want. The one thing you have to be careful

about with this step is to be CLEAR about what you want. The more specific you are the better the results will be. The

universe is a reflective place.It will direct back to you what you allow to be your most commanding thoughts. It is not

enough to ASK for a car. You have to be clear about what car it is you really want. In fact this week i want you to try

something to test this theory. I want you to visualize what would be your favorite car to drive. A very interesting thing

should begin to happen. You will begin to see that car in your daily travels.

The one game I like to play with this theory has to do with parking spots. I started it with my daily visit to the gym. I

would envision an open spot in the parking lot that was left open just for me. Guess what, it worked! And it still

works ten years after I began doing this.

My most recent experience with ASKING involved my car. I had been driving a 2008 Dodge Caliber. It was not a bad

little car. And due to some financial constraints in 2010 it was the ONLY choice I had. That car drove myself and my

my kids over 130,000 miles before a decision had to be made. I really wanted to get an all wheel drive vehicle to

make my winter traveling easier. That would mean I would need either a crossover vehicle or an small SUV.

I was unsure if I could qualify for and SUV. I went online and looked at some. Which resulted in emails, text

messages and phone calls from various dealerships. At first i was not in a rush for another car. I spoke with a few

dealerships over the phone and explained my situation to them. This thinned the crowd and reduced the number

of emails, texts and phone calls I was receiving. When it became apparent I HAD to get another vehicle, I knew

exactly where to go.

Before I went to the dealership for my appointment. It was the first time in my life I had an appointment to buy a car.

I had envisioned myself getting the vehicle I wanted. I spent quite a bit of time praying and thinking about the color

and all of the amenities I wanted in the vehicle. When it came time to sign the loan documents, I noticed something.

The color of the vehicle they wanted to sell me was RED!! I told the sales person that I do not drive RED! I drive

black, white or silver. I ended up with a NEW TO ME vehicle that is black fully loaded and leather seats!! All I had to

was ASK!! You can do the same thing too!!

Whatever it is you want just ASK for it exactly the way YOU want it! Do not think that you don't deserve to have it