the good news is

That you CAN write your own life story. No matter where your beginnings are from.You are in complete control over your future. Now that does not mean that there will not be difficulties along the way. Everyone endures some type of challenges, no matter how much they have achieved.

The trick is to not to get caught up in what other people think you should be doing. Your JOB is YOU! As you begin to write the headline for your story, remember that not everyone will be trilled about your decisions.But their reaction to your new found resolve is not your concern. As long as you are honest in using your words and respectful in your delivery, you have nothing to regret.

This is not easy to do in the “HEAT OF THE MOMENT” either. When you get frazzled and are feeling frustrated it is almost impossible to communicate coherently how you are feeling. Especially when the other person is not interested in how you are feeling. They may have their own agenda. And your little meltdown may not fit into their plans.

Whatever you do at this point do NOT retreat. do not go back into that previous pattern of behavior. The place where you shut down and isolate yourself. Maybe you worry so much about what is going to happen that you do not take care of yourself properly. At this point think to yourself.. is this how I really want to feel? If the answer is No and I think that is what the answer IS, you must complete the thought process.

It is at this point that CHANGE will come! When you realize that worrying over what someone else MIGHT or MIGHT NOT do is preventing your future plans, that is when you can take control over your future. You are now in control over what and how to execute your plans for the future. Start writing your destiny today while others stay fixed on their own agenda! Write that headline and make your won DAILY NEWS!!