Depending upon where you are in life, the light at the end of the tunnel may be near or far. Getting to that light may not depend upon your circumstances. It may be totally within your control to see it more closely.

For some people that light might represent their children becoming of age. They may feel as though the light they are waiting for is one that signals the END of their total responsibility for their children. It could also be the check up after a serious illness that shows good health has returned! That is a feeling I know only too well.

Nine years ago I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. As a result I underwent surgery that resulted in a complete mastectomy with reconstruction at the same time. It would be two years of visiting the doctor every three to six months before I would see the light. Every time I pulled into the parking lot of the hospital, I would feel my heart race. My pulse and blood pressure would rise dramatically.

I used to try and keep myself calm in between visits by walking with my dog. We would walk a mile or two every day. Our spot was on the beach. There was a walkway that spread two plus miles long. And on days when my mind was in the depths of darkness we would finish it’s length. The tunnel I was in seemed as though it would never end. And in my mind I was not in a fight or battle but the subject of an attack by a predator.

Every post-op visit, reminded me that the invasion might NOT be over. In 2009 two years after my surgery, the doctor told me I only had to come once a year. I saw a glimpse of light. I remember feeling as though it couldn’t be possible. I broke down in tears. I stayed in the parking lot for a half an hour after that visit. The darkness of the tunnel was at an end and the light was brighter than ever.

Since then I have lived in the light. I no longer permit tunnels in my life unless they are completely out of my control. People and events are not allowed to create any form of limitations on what I can do or achieve. Where I was once a person who allowed others to dictate my actions, I am now fully under my own control.

There are many things I still want to achieve, and I am on the road to fulfilling those goals. The tunnel at this point is behind me and I walk only towards the light! YOU can too!! Decide today that what YOU want is important and of value!