I have tangled with this for a while now.Because there are two walks involved here. There is the walk that happens when we know that staying where we are is detrimental to our life. Then there is the walk into something new. The unknown if you will. They really are two distinct things. You see,walking away from something that was damaging is one decision. Once that is done, a healing must occur. That healing involves coming to terms with the acceptance that we are still good enough. Good enough to continue on in life. And possibly in the process pursue some thing new.

Getting from the place that was damaging is difficult. It can become such a “HABIT” to be treated badly. To be surrounded by people who do not appreciate you. Along with not being appreciated they are also disrespecting you. This happens not only with words but more importantly in the form of their actions. You might not notice it at first because of everything you are going through. But think about those people in your life. The one’s who do not return your call when they say they will. Then when you do hear from them they say they have been too busy.

When this happens it is time for you to become busy too. Busy yourself with things that will have a positive impact on your life. By doing this you will be spending time on someone who is extremely important ,YOU! This is the walk into something new I mentioned at the beginning. It may be time for new “Habits” to replace the old. Instead of spending time trying to get your friends on the phone, try reading something that will be of benefit to you. It can come in any form actually. Reading the news on a daily basis will keep you in the loop as to what is happening in the world.

An educated mind is one that makes better decisions. It also allows a person to surround themselves with like minded people. There is a new place for you in the world. All you have to do is find it!