The Second Step In Creating What You Want


Is to Believe that what you have asked for is coming your way. And the best way to do this is to behave as though

you already have in your possession what you have asked for. This process is the same regardless of the magnitude

of your request.

This is for me at least the most difficult step in creating what you REALLY want. I once read somewhere that BELIEVING is no different from expecting an order you placed to come in the mail. I don't know about YOU but I have had some really trying times in my life. Times that tested me to my limits. What I learned is that this step is DEEPER than we all might think. My lessons were centered around paying the bills with two kids, one salary and no child support coming in.

For a while it seemed as though all I was doing was chasing the idea that I had enough money to get by. Then one day I sat down with a calculator , pen and paper. there it was RIGHT in front of me. PROOF that I could actually make it! I had enough money. What was it I was doing wrong ? I asked myself time and again. I was not ACTING as though I had enough to get by. I was panicking each time I got paid. In my panicked state I was buying more groceries than we needed for one week. And when my kids saw all the goodies I would buy they would consume them immediately. The food was gone in no time and I was running behind on the bills trying to "keep up" instead of watching my spending.

Once I figured out where the problem was, I quickly made some serious adjustments. Those adjustments it turns out was the way I believed I had enough to get by.By living within my means, it gave me a sense of accomplishment I had not felt before. I was no longer running around making excuses for not paying my bills. Instead I adjusted my own settings so that things would be less stressful for ME! And in turn less stressful for me kids!

The abundance that I would experience from believing that I had enough has been unbelievable. And quite frankly a little overwhelming at times. But my confidence in my ability to create a positive future for myself has never been greater than it is today. By putting my FAITH into action it has made all the difference.

YOU can experience similar results in your life. What are the areas that you want to change? What have you requested that has not showed up yet? It is not your request that is being ignored. It is your actions that are saying you want a different outcome. Change the way you think and you will certainly change your LIFE!!