No matter what situation you find yourself in. Sometimes life can place us in situations that seem as though we do not have any choices. But in reality we might not want to make the DIFFICULT choice. Let’s face it we are all initially unwilling to do what is hard. That is why so very often the best choice never even enters our realm of thinking.

We are all to some degree programmed or wired to react a certain way when faced with situations that require making a choice.In the “heat of the moment”, it is easy to lose perspective. When we rush into making a choice often it is the wrong one. Taking a step back mentally allows you some time to think things through. When that happens it is amazing the choices that come to light.

When I was a kid my mother was always on the phone. I mean it’s a good thing she did not have a cell phone. Because she would have been charging that thing up all the time. I remember days when the minute she hung up from one call, the phone was ringing again. Those days that she was on the phone endlessly were the days she was making some difficult decisions.

I never heard exactly what was being said, but her conversations would be held in whispers.This would not have been so unusual except that my mother was not a quiet woman. In fact most times when she was talking on the phone, the person on the other end would have to hold the receiver a distance from their ear.At home you could hear her talking on the phone throughout the entire house.And when she was laughing you could feel the wall shake a little.

What I learned from her was to never rush into making a choice and that there is ALWAYS a choice. I also learned that when life becomes rather complicated and your choices seem limited, calling your inner circle is always advisable.Not only will you get some good laughs in, it will give you a new view on your circumstances!

Go ahead and make that choice… YOU REALLY DO HAVE ONE!!