one way out

Quite often it can seem as though there may only be one way out of a situation. This happens when we only see some light coming in from one direction. The tendency is to gravitate towards that light and to focus on the escape it provides.Sometimes if we are lucky there is a bright spot in the distance where once there was only darkness. But what happens if the only way out is to do something that consumes our entire being with FEAR?

A ladder may be a great means of getting out for a lot of people. But if you have a fear of heights, taking this route could prove to be out of the question. Maybe you approach the ladder in a determined manner. Steadying your stance and calming every nerve within you in order to place one foot on the first rung. Yet there is something inside of you saying this may not be the right way out for YOU! Sure there have been those who have used that ladder. For them climbing it rung by rung was not as impossible as it is for you. what do you do?

The ladder in front of you for all intents and purposes is absolutely USELESS!! You could not possibly climb that thing. If this is the case there is still another alternative. One that you may not have previously thought about. It involves overcoming another fear that many people share. That fear is searching for another way out in the darkness.

Even if you are not afraid of the dark, there are quite a few things to consider. Everything looks different in the dark.You might mistake the wrong thing for a great solution to your problems. When in fact it may make your problems even worse. That is the problem with darkness.Unless you are of course nocturnal.

If you have ever driven at night (which most of us do) it is easy to drive right by the exit we take every day in the sunlight. Because in the dark we cannot see the rock at the beginning of the exit. It is hidden by the lack of daylight.But in the light of day we would NEVER have missed that exit. that does not mean we cannot find our way out in the dark. It just means it might take a little longer to get the same results that taking the ladder will give us.

Which way out is it for you? The Ladder and the LIght? Or the Darkness?