As you go through the following days and weeks you should be alerted to something that will happen to you. Something that you have never felt before. It does not matter if you are going directly to college, into the armed forces, or entering directly into full time work. The moment you cross the stage a transformation is already in the works. But it will not be complete until you have finished all the celebration surrounding your momentous achievement of graduating high school. You may even have one or two more events post graduation that will require your involvement with the underclassmen. When all of this has passed THEN you will begin a transition from which there is no return.

Regardless of what your post graduation plans are, all of you will be MOVING. Even if you decide to live at home while attending college, this will not prevent this transition from happening. Oh you may try to resist it at first, but that will only be in vein.If you try to resist the change and remain where you were,you will be left behind as you watch others pass you by. That is the way life goes! You either get on board that moving train, or you have to wait for the next one to come along. That may not sound too bad, but in life that train you missed may be loaded with opportunities you may never see again.

Anything you might be considering …. DO IT! If you are a dancer and want to audition for a BROADWAY play.. get on the next train, bus,plane and DO IT! Do not wait until you are thirty or forty years old with regrets and questions about what could have been. Now everyone who auditions will not make it. But isn’t it better to have tried than to not try at all!! If you do not make it you can always tell your kids the story about the day you got on the train, bus or plane and waited in line for the audition!

The world needs your TALENT! Be different from everyone else who is hiding in their phones playing games. And when you are texting maybe just maybe you will be communicating about business instead of some silly conversation that you overheard the other day!