are made up of stepping stones. that will take you from one phase of your life to another.They do not necessarily follow a pattern. In fact most times people will say they were unsure of which direction things were going to end up in. Following the stones that are laid out for us requires an abundance of faith. Once on the path, there could be a few unexpected turns. And all of our results will be different even if we follow the same stones that someone else took.

But our transitions will happen with or without our consent in a lot of cases. If you have the job of your dreams,and suddenly one day they close the company you are in transition.When your children grow up and are ready to move on with their lives… you are in transition. Getting older and facing new chronological milestones is yet another transition out of our control. For there are people who would stay at a certain age forever if they could. Illness can also cause transition. Especially if it alters our physical abilities.

And then there are the transitions that are self- imposed. These are the things that we PLAN on doing. But even with the most careful strategy, there is no guarantee that the outcome will be exactly what we had in mind. That job that you thought you would get did not come through, and you ended up taking on a different career challenge. all of these things make up the various transitions we face throughout our life cycle. Regardless of which transition you are in, you will surely require your inner strength and faith to see you through.

Whatever you do do not forget that those stones you are stepping on have been used before and will stand the test of time. Do not concern yourself that the burdens you carry with you will be too much for the journey. There were many before you who crossed carrying much more than you!