Only too often we begin to work on ourselves from the inside out. We might change the way we interact with people by adopting a new mindset. These kinds of changes take time for the people around us to notice. They are also not effective for everyone to use.

That is why sometimes it is better to try working from the outside in. A new outfit can make you feel totally different. It might improve the way you walk and give you more confidence. With the power of looking good on your side your words will hold more weight in the conversations that you will be having. Along with a new outfit there are other more subtle things you can do that will make people take notice. Maintaining your hair and nails is also of importance. People do check you out more than you think.

I want to stress that doing these things must come from a position of wanting to improve yourself. It must originate from a place of making yourself feel better about who you are in general. Otherwise it will not have a long lasting effect on how you move through your daily events. Getting your nails done only once in a while lacks consistency. The same is true for the upkeep of a good hairstyle.

It does not matter if you are the cleaning person or the executive assistant. Everything you do is all a matter of how you see yourself. Remember where you are now does not dictate where you will be in the future. It is all about where you want to be.

A company I used to work for would hire people to come in to work on special projects for the holidays. One of the women who was a regular during these times did so as her second job. She was a single mother of three girls, and did not receive child support. She told us that at one point she was so broke they all lived out of her car for about 6 months. It was only from the help of an acquaintance that she found her way to an apartment she could afford for the four of them.

To look at her you would never had suspected she had gone through such terrible times. Her hair and nails were always done. Her children were dressed well and they all managed to graduate from college. She would tell us that taking care of herself in little ways was what kept her going through all of the bad times. When she was out she appeared just like any other woman who had a job. In fact she dressed better than some of the people making more money than her in the customer service department.

The combination of taking care of herself and a winning attitude made her a people magnet.It made other people in the company take notice of her and want to be like her.It did not take long for some of the women to follow what she was doing. By following her lead they began to hold themselves differently and received different results in their daily interaction with others.

What small changes can you make with what you have available to you right now?