In a recent interview Marc Cuban revealed a few of his fears. He said that if he were walking down the street and saw someone in a dark hoodie he would cross to the other side. For this he has taken a lot of heat. In the same interview he said if he saw someone covered in tattoos he would also cross to the other side as well.

I am beginning to wonder if we all have to censor every word that passes between our lips. Because, it seems as though we are no longer allowed to have any fears at all. What is becoming clear is that we are a nation on the edge. We have become saturated with reality shows dedicated to delivering the latest debacles of the rich and famous. In this particular case, one person’s fear has been turned into something totally different.

Mr. Cuban stands accused of being a racist due to his remarks about a hoodie wearing teenager. There was also a comment made that his statement was somehow disrespectful to the family of Trayvon Martin. But the reality is that Mr Cuban is not that different from anyone else. He has some fears. He shared them with the person who was interviewing him. All he said was he would cross the street. That is his prerogative.

None of the statements he made indicates any hint of prejudice or bigotry. It does give us a glimpse however of the great Shark having fear! We all have fears that we live with everyday. Some we have had for so long we no longer actually acknowledge them to others. It is not until they have been witnessed by others that they come to light as actually being a fear. They are usually the things we react to without thinking. Those events or situations that result in a flight or fight response in us.

The most important part of Mr. Cuban’s interview for me, was that he would cross the street. You see having fear is one thing. But the most important piece is how we deal with our fears. It is in our action that we show the world our true character. Avoiding things that create fear in us is very normal. You would not expect someone with arachnophobia to have a collection of tarantulas as their pet. Similarly we need to give up this assault on every person who opens their mouth without first giving thought to what is actually being said.