No one knows better than you what it is that you have plans to build. You can invite other people to assist you, but ultimately the vision remains yours alone. Your idea may or may not involve a large construction site with a lot of hard hats. But along the way you will seek outside advice whether written or verbal.

The least invasive way of getting advice without making it widely known is through reading. That can involve looking at self-help books,sales techniques or immersing yourself in what has made other people successful. The only thing is this, what has made other people successful may or may not work for you and your particular situation.You may actually have to piece meal the whole thing together. Otherwise known as making a patchwork quilt out of the materials you have gathered.

By incorporating different strategies and ideas into your plan, it then becomes your own. You are now following what is right for you. Not everyone has the ability to make sales calls on their own behalf. Taking advice from someone who has made millions from being a successful salesperson may not appear to be a wise choice. But you may be surprised to discover some gold nuggets from a successful salesperson’s routine.

Similarly, you may not have the gift of gab at networking events. This does not mean you should not attend them. You should attend as many networking events as possible,if for no other reason that to be on a fact finding mission. You could just go around and ask people questions that pertain to you and what you are working on. They do not need to know your particular mission. People love to be asked their opinion about anything involving a product, book or movie. As long as you are willing to listen they will for the most part be willing to talk.

Information gathered in this manner might just be the breakthrough you had been looking for. In the exchange of business cards ,you will have guaranteed yourself an audience for the future. One way or another you will be in the process building, not only on your idea but also your sphere of contacts!