In these uncertain times it is difficult remain focused on what we really need to do. It is all too easy to play games on the computer or our smartphones in order to take our minds off of our challenges. We might meet for coffee with a close friend for support. But even when we meet wit those who are concerned about us we might hold onto the exact details of our situation. It is fairly natural to not want to overwhelm those around us. After all, we have to take responsibility for our own needs. Not disclosing all of the facts without taking purposeful action will end up costing us in the long run.

When the people closest to us feel as though they are being held at arms length, they may feel unworthy of our trust. This might just be the time to let it go. If we do not begin to let go of all the frustrating feelings and other stresses surrounding our situation, we could compromise our health at the very least.

When I first realized I had breast cancer, I cannot describe the feelings that I had on a daily basis. I was so wound up that my blood pressure went soaring. To make things worse , i was facing a divorce at the same time. I was for all intent and purposes a complete emotional and physical train wreck. I really did not want to bother my best friend or my relatives. But I realized that I needed someone to bounce some things off of. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made.

My initial contact to my best friend, my brother and my cousin was just to let them know about what was going on. I had no hidden agenda, I was merely updating my status. What I received was a bounty of advice and assistance I could have never foreseen. It was my full disclosure about my situation that led to solutions that were of benefit to myself as well as my children.

What are you holding onto that you are not revealing to others? No one can help you unless you allow them to. There are probably solutions out there you have never considered. Until you open up to others and let them in, you only have one perspective on your situation. Reach out and share the facts. Your assistance may only be a conversation away.