Sometimes when I speak to people about manifesting what they truly want in life, I am given the response of : “Yeah I know” or “There really isn’t anything I am good at .” When I get these as answers I know I am dealing with someone who has really never considered what they can create. These are the same people who complain that their lives will never change.They remain forever caught up in the same circle of events and circumstances time after time.

These situations persist because they are trying to move forward from a position of lacking something. It does not matter what it is they are lacking either. Whether it is an idea, money or some skills the outcome will always be the same. That is because the law of attraction brings to you exactly what you are focused on.

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a millennial who had convinced herself that the best she would probably ever do would be to become a Nursing Assistant. She is taking some other college courses,but she lacks enthusiasm when she talks about her future. She said that she wished she had something she felt passionate about or at the every least was good at. For her she is manifesting exactly what she is thinking about.In her mind she believes that there is very little she will be able to do. As a result she is receiving roadblocks and obstacles at every turn.

I listened to her for a while, and then I really just could not take any more of her self defeating storytelling. I asked to her to do something. I asked her to make a list of everything she is good at. She laughed at the suggestion . But I was persistent about this. I told her to make a list of EVERYTHING she is good at. Even if it is tying her sneakers into an incredible bow, the likes of which no one has ever witnessed before.

It was interesting to watch this young woman transform from someone without any enthusiasm, into a person on a mission . She did not write down a list but instead began thinking about all the things she does well . Along with those things she does well, are skills that she had not considered before. Now she is manifesting new opportunities and doors are beginning to open.

What are you manifesting with your thoughts?