How many days have you one the same way to work? On the same train,bus or road. Often when we develop our routines we can easily lose sight of what is going on right in front of us. With our faces stuck either in a newspaper,cell phone or magazine it is easy to miss out on our surroundings.

I once had a job that I drove the same way to everyday. I played my favorite music while I was driving. I would sing along to my favorite tunes. But I stopped paying attention to what was actually going on around me. One morning I decided to get gas at a station I remembered passing by. When I arrived at the location I discovered they were closed. They had been digging up the old underground gas tanks for months. I had just been driving by day after day without ever noticing. I was late for work that day because I had to go a great distance to get to another station.

From that day forward I have made it my priority to pay close attention to everything around me. Most importantly I pay attention to people who are around me. For they are the true indicators of change.