Before you throw another item into the trash bucket today, consider whether or not it might be better placed in the recycling bin instead. In choosing recycling over trash, your item could be transformed into something else. Of course I am not suggesting that each of us go into the recycling business. However, I am asking that we all take a pause to carefully consider what it is we have in our hands before discarding it.

Looking at what we have in a different way may just be the answer to a long standing quest. All to often we are ready to “TRASH” ideas that come to us as being too difficult. It is far to easy to throw away a good idea than it is to modify it or “RECYCLE”. By hesitating for a moment, we may gain some new perspective.

Ron Sturgeon and his twin brother found themselves homeless after the death of his father . Using his ability to repair cars, he began repairing VW bugs when he was 19. As time went on his business expanded and in 1980 he had a startup called AAA Small Car World- Auto Recyclers Inc a car recycling business. This company grew so large that in 1999 Ford Motor Company purchased the company for somewhere between $10 and $20 million dollars.

By taking an idea and expanding on it or recycling it this man turned his circumstances around a complete 360 degrees. This can be done no matter what your circumstances may be. You may not be able to repair motor vehicles. Many of us cannot do that! But we can decide to take action on the things in our lives using what we might have thrown away as trash. Whether it is an actual thing or a thought that pervades our consciousness, it is there to be used in some way.