There are usually two events that bring together relatives both near and far. Of the two, weddings have an interesting effect on people. They represent a new beginning and like the birth of a child infuse those who attend with intensified feelings of love. Some couples attending the ceremony may consider the possibility of taking their relationship to the next level.

For the friends of the bride and groom, they celebrate their passage into marriage. Their relatives process this event in an entirely different manner. Some relatives have traveled to attend this event joining two lives together. They see this as not only a new beginning for the couple but also for themselves. It is a coming together for all involved.

As with anything else we do in life it is all about what you make of it. Participation is not required, but merely requested. The importance of the gift we bring may not be what is wrapped in a box or contained in an envelope. It may not appear at this particular moment but rather as time goes on.

We often have the mindset that once the celebrating is over, the newly formed couple is all set to be left alone. But that could not be farther from the truth. They require family just as much as anyone else. These needs will present themselves in various forms. From advice on how to choose a home, to giving others advice on their own specialty.

Using the same open arms we employed in hugging them on their day of celebration, we must maintain that mindset moving forward. We cannot ever choose family, but we can choose how our relationships with each other will be. Learning from each other is not necessarily about age and wisdom. It is about discovering who we are and what interests us. In this way we make our connections and understand where the other is coming from.

Our acceptance of each other is ultimately what brings us together not for just a day but for a lifetime!