Believe it or not a few years ago there was a young woman who stood out in a busy section of town with this exact sign. She gave out free hugs for an entire day. For her it was not about what she could get for free but rather what she could give. In an interview with the local new station, she revealed that she just wanted to make people feel better for a day. Those who took her up on her offer for a free hug , said they felt better. They also said they felt more connected to other people as a result of the hug. Still others were apprehensive about accepting the hug.

There are a lot of old sayings and wives tales about the benefits of what we get for free. Some people believe that the “best things in life are free”. While others say that what matters most in life you ” Cannot place a price on.” Whether you believe one over the other does not matter. Is it more important to get something for free or give something for free? It does not really matter because in the exchange both of these things occur.

When was the last time you received something for free that you can remember?