As we all seek to be different in our own ways, it is important to take stock of what connects us as well.Understanding the commonalities between people can take an idea from being ordinary to extraordinary.The ability to connect with people is no different than those old connect the dot pages we all did in our coloring books as young children. Remember that feeling we had when we did one of the more difficult ones that went all the way up to the number fifty?

The feeling of success came from how complicated the picture was in comparison to the easier pictures we had done.But making an impression or affecting a change on other people can be just as gratifying. All we have to do is look at how much we have in common.

While we may have different approaches to the same situation, we all care deeply about the same things. There is not a mother out there that would not defend her children with her life. She will do whatever she has to do, sacrifice whatever it takes to provide for her young. It does not matter what country or background she comes from.

If you ask most people what the one most important thing is in their lives they will respond by saying their families. Whether they live with their mother and father or uncle or grandparent, it does not matter. Family to them is having people who love them around at the end of everyday.

What do you have in common with the people who could benefit from your product or service?