It occurred to me recently how distant we all have become. When I walk down the street, or in a store, it seems as though everyone has their faces stuck in a phone. If they are not on the phone they are holding it in their hands as though it is their most prized possession.

The problem with this behavior is that our most prized possessions lie within us. They cannot be readily seen by the naked eye. It is in what we can give to each other that is really important. We are turning into a society that is unwilling to make connections with people we do not know. How else do we progress either personally or professionally without connecting to strangers?

Offering a helping hand, a shoulder to lean or cry on or even an ear to listen is something that can never be replaced with man made technology. Reach out to someone who does not ask for help. Listen to someone who does not expect it from you the complete stranger. Be of comfort to the person who is alone . Let us not forget to connect and be of true service to one another when it really counts!

Photo by : bpwd connect