Sometimes it is a good idea to reflect on things. This does not mean that we are rear facing only. The reflections we have may encompass our future. It has been my experience that re-hashing the past is counter productive. We do not have any power over what has already happened for one thing. And when we rewind things in our minds, it pretty much places us back in those same circumstances.

Over the past nine years, I have had plenty to reflect on. Raising two kids by myself and maintaining a household found me meditating and praying on more than one occasion. I used to sit in my living room and quietly sit in full panic mode. There were more bills than money coming in and there seemed to be no end in sight. When my reflecting would rest upon what I felt I should have changed, I was stuck in the past. Allowing my reflection to look at where I needed to be, propelled me into action.

When I made this shift in my thought process, it changed my entire world. Where I saw only road blocks , I discovered ways to become more successful. It changed my entire being. Instead of going into work and feeling as though I was being processed. I went in and decided to embrace the day. In my enthusiasm for work, I not only made myself happier, I infused others to be as happy as I was too.

One day at work, me and one of my co-workers were laughing so hard we could barely stand up straight. It was the first time in a long time I have felt like laughing and it felt really good. I had forgotten some really important things, in my reflection on past mistakes. The most important one of all , that I not only have a right to a happy life … I DESERVE TO BE HAPPY. And moreover, my happiness cannot be at the hands of someone else. It must come from within myself. Only then will I be able to fully love someone else.

It is unimportant what job you hold or where you are living. What counts the most is HOW you do your job and LIVE your life. When you reflect on where and what you want to be, make sure it will fulfill you, emotionally,spiritually and physically!!