What we visualize for ourselves is how we create our future. You might hear people say that they never “SAW THEMSELVES” where they are or that they could not have “SEEN” their lives turning out a certain way. These are statements made by those who lost the desire to create their future.

This could have resulted after something threw them off track. That is when most people allow their circumstances to control their ultimate outcome. Sometimes these situations are life altering. Coming through a nasty divorce or a serious illness, can either make us look at life completely differently or merely be a small hurdle in pursuing previous goals.

All of these things are the interesting twists and turns that none of us can anticipate. Therein lies our challenge as human beings. Since we are all guided ultimately by our emotions, at any given time our outlook on life can change. Maintaining our “EYES ON THE PRIZE” is what is necessary to achieve our goals. There are some things we can do to assist us in maintaining our movement towards our goals.

One of the greatest tools is to create a visualization board. It can be a poster board or just a piece of cardboard. It does not really matter. The most important thing to remember is that the board must be it placed strategically where you can see it every day. It has been proven that when we can see our goals clearly on a daily basis, they become a reality. That is because we never lose our ability to envision what can be.

Some people make up boards loaded with things that are just wishes. They might chuckle a little as they are creating their board. When I got divorced eight years ago I had a picture of my house on my board. It was my greatest desire to maintain the house my kids grew up in. They still had a long way to go before they headed off to college.

Through many financial trials I was able to hold onto the house. I attribute this success to my board. It kept fresh in my mind that where we were living was not an option. It was a necessity. Without the house I would have to rent an apartment and come up with a lot more money than I was spending on the mortgage. There were many times when this situation came under fire and it seemed uncertain if we could stay there.

What kept us in the house was my determination and VISUALIZATION . By using this tool everyday, I never lost “sight” of my ultimate goal. You can do the same as well. Maintain your focus no matter what is happening around you. It may take time but eventually you will prevail!