I always find it interesting when I meet someone new. I can tell a lot by the way they shake hands. I am sure that many of you feel the same way. Or at the very least have had a similar experience. Through my various experiences I have discovered a relationship between people and their handshakes.

First there are the people who have Hercules strength when they shake your hand. It is almost as though you can feel your bones rubbing together. Sometimes these folks do not realize their own power and will apologize immediately as they see the discomfort on your face. I recently had this happen to me at a meeting. I thought my fingers were not going to make it past the handshake. When the other person let go I felt my fingers tingling. I admitted that I was in pain from the handshake. His responded by saying that he did not realize he shook my had that hard. He has no idea of the amount of strength that is within him.

Secondly,there are the folks who have sticky sweaty palms. When they shake hands it gets onto your palms as well. It is embarrassing I think for both parties involved. Once the handshake is done you feel the need to wipe off your hand. It is hard to conceal the awkwardness involved with this. The sweat is a sign of nervousness on the other’s persons part. That is why most often, I try to get my hands dry with the least amount of attention.

Thirdly, there are the people who probably have a fair amount of OCD. They are the ones who really do not like to touch people. When they are confronted with shaking your hand they approach it very timidly. It is outside their comfort zone, but they do it.

Finally, there are the perfect people. Those who have achieved perfection when it comes to shaking hands. When they shake your hand you feel as sense of comfort almost as though it is the hand of your pastor you are shaking. These people have confidence in themselves and their ability to navigate their way through the world. If only we could all be this type of person! But that is what the world is all about. Different people make things interesting.

What does your handshake style say about you?