In today’s economy many people are faced with limited options when it comes to getting a job. In fact, those entry level jobs that USED to be easy to get are now infested with hundreds of applicants. People who are looking for that easy filing job in an office better think twice, maybe three times for that matter. Those days are LONG gone!

Now they are replaced with employment opportunities that require typing and computer skills. But even that will not be enough. You will have to beef up your people skills as well. Because in the fast paced office environment things can get pretty heated when things do not go according to plan.

With all the shifts in job availability, it really begs the question “what is a a menial job?” It used to be that window washing would be the LAST job anyone would be looking to get. But these days some companies are receiving more than 25 inquiries a day for that position alone. People are beginning to realize that getting where tey want to be MAY just lie in washing windows or cleaning floors as a way into a company.

Once that realization has been reached the answer to the question is simple. There is NO menial job. There are no jobs that are beneath you. Only ones that will take you from where you are right now to where you want to be. Even if it means taking a detour!

It is imperative then to keep your eyes on your goal at all times. Even while you are performing a job that is not part of your eventual goal. Eating and paying the bills must come as first service to everything else. And if that little job that no one else wants will do that… then you are ahead of the game. For the person who is living hand to mouth may be hungrier than least you will not be starving for your goal.

Being hungry is great.. but someone who is starving is at risk of making costly mistakes. But you will be ready with an alert mind and ideas that are original!!