There are a few different ways to stimulate our thought processes. The most common way that most of us have heard of consists of eating or drinking certain foods or liquids. At the top of the list of these foods is what we get from the ocean;FISH! This may be great for those who like fish. But what of those who do not even like to swim in water let alone eat anything that comes from there? Luckily there are more ways to get that grey matter moving than plain sustenance.

One of the other ways to stimulate your thought process is to simply take a break! Walk away from whatever it is you have been trying to brainstorm without success and just breathe for a little while. Doing this will take all the pressure and stress away. Those two thing alone could be exactly what is keeping you from your big breakthrough.

Another way of getting some food for thought is through some sort of media. Whether that media is through the written word or videos, looking at or reading things can give us a different way of looking at either a situation or a project we might be working on.

Lastly, food for thought can also come through the gift of friendship. By engaging our friends in conversation,it may just be the catalyst we need to get us going!

Try any or all of these methods to get your food for thought!