Just about everyone you come into contact with will say they have friends.Some people believe that the number of friends they have is extremely important. These folks think that quantity is the ultimate goal. But the truth is that quality far outweighs quantity.

Growing up my mother had a few friends. One them stood out far and above all of the others. Her name was Margaret. Every morning for over forty years my mother and Margaret talked to one another. When they first met they would speak in person. They met in grade school and believe it or not there were no cell phones back then. There were also no dinosaurs roaming the planet either.

It was when Alice and Margaret became adults that they began to speak on the phone every day. Believe me they had their share of arguments and disagreements. But when it came down to being in need they were always there for one another. Alice had a garden every year and would bring some of her fresh tomatoes and zuchinni to Margaret when she was done picking her harvest in the fall.

Margaret would include our family in her holiday festivities. We ultimately became intertwined. In the end Alice was the first to succumb to Alzheimer’s. And then Margaret some years later was lost to us through kidney failure. But through both of them a legacy was left behind. One which showed us that true friendship transcends all problems and differences. And that finding common ground is what is most important.

I now have a similar friendship that had lasted over twenty years. I cannot believe it has been that long myself. But i am reminded of its length by the age of my children. My friend Sheila and I speak every day. Of course we are aided by having cell phones and text messages to keep our communication open. But at some point every day we are in contact with one another. I am her supporter in everything without judgement and she is mine.

Of all the gifts I have been given this is the one I treasure the most!