Without climbing to the top of a hill, it is quite possible to spend a lot of time with your head in the clouds. I prefer to think of it as time spent thinking those thoughts that pervade your conscious mind. At some point we all come to a point when these things can no longer be ignored.

Quite often our aims and goals are filed in the recesses of our conscious thought. They might appear here and there in the form of a dream. It happens most often when our consciousness is at rest. That is when those ideas and goals suppressed in favor what must get done appear. I used to have a recurring dream a few years ago. Once or twice a week I would have a dream that I had become a famous writer. I would awake from that dream shake it off to go to work, and take care of everyday business.

A few months later I could no longer ignore the call I was getting from my dreams. I began by writing individual posts on all my social media. It was a very time consuming arduous task. At first i was just re-writing quotes I would find on the internet that pertained to whatever I was thinking about that day. It was not until I had a conversation with a fellow writer that I discovered the power of having my own blog.

Once I set everything up,I began spending a lot more time with my head “in the clouds”. And as a result I have gained a large following of people who I am able to touch with my thoughts and views on life, careers and human nature. I now view each day as a new opportunity to express what is in my thoughts .

Try spending some time in your cloud and let your imagination guide your direction!