When we think about success, most often we think about DRIVING it ourselves. But there is something to be said for riding in the backseat every once in a while. I say this because the view from there is very different. From this very angle we may gain more insight than we can when we are trying to control where we are going. When we are driving there are many things we are unable to see because our focus is on the road, our destination and the other drivers.

From the backseat we can see the new construction that might be being built. Or we might gain some insight into what has been a stumbling block because of the proximity we have had to it. While we are sitting in the backseat, we can permit freedom of thought . With less pressure, ideas may flow more freely than they had previously.

Once I had a dream of becoming a writer. I spent so much time worrying about content that it became a stumbling block. There were many days that my posts on social media were nothing more than quoting other people. Then one day I started looking at what other people were doing. I realized that I was different than most people who write motivational pieces. The way I see things and filter information is completely unlike those who I am categorized with. I did not have to try to be like everyone else, I stopped thinking about how many people would read what I would write and just got down to it.

In the beginning I had some pretty heavy criticism regarding my format.I was advised to add pictures and to link my content to others by back linking. These were things that were foreign to me. After spending two hours trying to figure it all out, I shut off my computer in frustration and decided to wait a day try and attack this thing again. The next time I got onto my blog I sat back and took a good look at what it was I was trying to do.

The time I had taken away from this project had allowed me to have a new perspective on my goal. Within a half an hour I was up and running with a new and improved style. The backseat had served me well.

What can you learn from the backseat?