What is it you think of when time permits? When the onslaught of information that is constantly streaming in your direction has been deflected for a period of time? Whatever has been in your subconscious, will come into the forefront when you tune out all other distractions. Your mind is the facilitator of all your actions. It is what determines where we go, what we eat and who we keep company with.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where our minds have become accustomed to being overloaded with information. We have taught ourselves to multi-task even when we are supposed to be relaxing. If you think this is not true, think on this. Do you watch television while holding your cell-phone or having it next to you? Is it your normal to have your laptop, the television and music streaming all at the same time? Do you drive and glance st your smartphone to see if there is anything happening?

We all can take responsibility for having one or some of these habits that we do daily. What occurs when the stimulus has been turned off is original thought. Our deepest desires and wishes surface, usually while we are sleeping. It is our subconscious way of filtering into our conscious thought those ideas and dreams we would otherwise dismiss as just fantasy.

If we could bring those wishes out of our sleep and place them into our daily plan, then we would really be achieving something. No matter how far fetched they may seem, reaching our deepest desires may be closer than we think. But we must allow ourselves to dream while awake instead of tossing these thoughts aside for them to become reality.