Without even thinking about it we all send out messages every minute of everyday.They are put out into the universe through our appearance, stature , speech and interaction with others.

Often it is easy to fall into a pattern of indifference in reference to how we are presenting ourselves. All to often we might begin to feel as though what we are wearing does not really matter all that much anyway. This feeling is usually accompanied by the next thought which is no one is paying any attention to us. It is also far easier to dress like everyone else as to blend into the crowd. But what we do, how we dress and interact with others has more far reaching effects than just who is observing us on a daily basis.

All of these things affect how we are perceived by everyone and anyone who we come into contact with, even those we merely pass by.It can be the difference between making a connection with someone and having them pass you by because you seem unapproachable.

They way we dress also has a dramatic effect on how we hold ourselves. People dressed in business suits or business clothing do not usually slouch. They walk tall and proud of themselves. These people are more likely to strike up a conversation with others no matter where they are. Their confidence radiates outwardly onto other people and can fill an entire room with inspiration.

Make today the day you change the way you dress, hold yourself and interact with others!

Photo : Dreamstime