For a lot of people, the thought of being abundant means having an endless supply of money. These people feel as though having enough currency will make them feel as though they are living an abundant life. But the truth is that like everything else being abundant is not grounded in material wealth. Now I am not suggesting that there is anything wrong with material wealth. Quite the contrary I can assure you. However, ABUNDANCE like everything else begins WITHIN!

The definition of Abundance is ” to experience fullness to overflowing”. If we take this meaning and apply it to our daily lives, it would not appear in material form right away.This transference of thoughts into things takes time. That is due to the fact that feeling fullness does not happen overnight. That is unless you are already experiencing abundance in some aspect of your life.

People who attract abundance into their lives have already achieved some previously. If this is getting a little confusing for you, let me back track a little bit.Let’s look at an example. Think back to a time that you spent time with an old friend. This would be a person that has known you for multiple years.Whenever you get together it feels familiar and comfortable. There is a feeling of “fullness”if you will with this relationship which enables you to make more friendships throughout your lifetime.

That is how attracting abundance works. Once we have achieved a level of overflowing within ourselves we naturally draw more of what it is we truly desire. What is your vision of abundance for yourself ? If you are thinking about your abundance as it relates to others it will not work. The people in your life may benefit from your abundance but they cannot be the primary target. All things that you are intending for must come through you first!