I have been doing a lot of reading lately. Most of what I have been reading, is concerning how to either get a job, remain employable through a layoff , build skills for your next career move and of course what makes an award winning resume. There are at least one hundred fifty sites with information pertaining to the resume. And at least as many books on the subject as well,

There are books by people who say the best resume is written in bullet form. Then there are those who recommend the longhand version of everything you have ever done. For the most part they recommend that you explain exactly what your duties were at your previous employer. After that a brief run down of any awards and accolades you received are in order.I read in one of those books somewhere that employers really like to see recognition given.

But what if you are doing a great job where you are, and you have never received any special recognition? Then what are you supposed to put on your resume? After all, not everyone gains the attention of the company CEO. Sometimes people who are doing a great job where they are have a tendency to fall below the radar. They do not stick out as BAD employees because they are usually on time for work and pay attention to what they are supposed to be doing. Yet on the other hand they do not STAND out as exceptional according to their supervisor.

Whether or nor you have been recognized by people in authority where you re working is irrelevant. The most important component is how you work alongside other people. Because it is this human ability to be compatible that sets the atmosphere of a workplace. Communicating that into a resume can get a little tricky. But it can be done. h

One of the best ways of doing this is to highlighting those instances in which you were able to work in a group as a team. This shows that you are able to work with many different types of people and get the job done. It also demonstrates your flexibility in the workplace according to the demands of the company at any given time.

From everything I have read I have determined that the best resume is the one that translates into words your work personality.

What makes the perfect resume for you?