what sets you freeWhen I was growing up I still remember the “ladies” sitting around talking about what made them feel “free”. Some of them would be knitting, mending or making some other thing as they spoke. It was actually these hobbies that kept them motivated. The idea that an average working woman could produce a fine knitted scarf and gloves, or an outfit for the next grandchild that would turn into a family heirloom heralded them on to select only the finest of yarn and patterns. If you asked them why they made these items they would say they could “lose themselves” in the process of creating.

I think that was their way of being set free. They occupied their time with activities that promoted conversation and produced something they could be proud of all at the same time. Conversation that was done face to face not just over a phone line.

For me, I feel free when I exchange my ideas and thoughts with my peers. Those who understand the importance of influencing others in a positive way.Whether you can “lose yourself” in a craft, baking, or reading a book, try to find something that can set you free from your everyday concerns even if it is just for a short time. It will relieve stress you did not even realize you had!

Photo: 123RF