other side of fear

One of the things that totally fascinates me is how FEAR controls people and their lives. I include myself in the count of people controlled by FEAR. As much as I used to convince myself that I could be successful, I was living in my FEAR and fantasizing about what my future could be. This left me in a place where I was merely surviving. I had not developed a plan of action because I did not dare look to the other side of FEAR. It had me in it’s complete control. As long as I was focused on making it through one day at a time, the FUTURE was light years away.

I had done just about everything to keep myself from going to the other side of FEAR. I was surrounded by people who really did not want me to move on with my life. Not because they did not like me, but because THEY FEARED what would happen if I succeeded in what I was trying to do. My success would mean tat i would not be available to constantly do things for them. It might also mean that at some point my success could surpass what they had done. And when I reached that level I might have a whole new circle of people around me.

All I know is my head was in a SWIRL. There I was afraid to move forward and scared to death of remaining where I was. But as we all know it is easier to stay with the EVIL WE KNOW… than it is to move towards the UNKNOWN. What I figured out is that there is a way to manage both of these situations simultaneously. In order to move forward I had to MANAGE my relationships wisely.

It was not necessary for me to DROP friends or to kick anyone to the curb. All I had to do was put myself and MY needs first. I had to forgive myself for my mere mortal tendencies. Instead of giving up a much needed nap for a conversation on the phone, I shut off the phone and had a refreshing siesta. I began responding to people who would call me instead of running each time I heard the phone ring. I realized that I did not need to have my phone in the bathroom with me at all times. It was okay to text someone and let them know I was busy when they had called. Why not? They had no problem responding to me that way!

Eventually all of these actions I took added up to more time for me to write and work on my speaking. I ave had more opportunities come my way because my first priority is ME! Now that I am on the other side of FEAR it feels great. I can see what is out there for me to participate in and where I can take things moving forward! The future is no longer a fantasy.. it is a reality!!!

Have you stepped on the other side of FEAR yet?