good vibrations

In our everyday lives we probably give little thought to what we project out into the universe. Of course we all try to look presentable. But what signals are we emitting with our emotions. Even the way we hold ourselves when we are walking sends out a message we may be unaware of.

How many of us actually walk tall, with our shoulders back and our chest out? Sounds very intense doesn’t it? I mean would that not take a lot of conscious thought on our parts every moment of every day? It really does not take that much conscious thought once we allow it to become part of our daily lives.

Think about how you walk differently when you are dressed up and going somewhere important. You walk differently because you feel different. Sometimes we allow our clothing to speak for us. What if we all took those same feelings and put them into play on a daily basis regardless of what we are wearing? If we all proceeded with ourselves as though everything we do is of the utmost importance? This change in behavior would send out a totally different signal to the universe.

When the signal is changed in any way, it impacts what we receive. A few days ago I was contacted by a former client of mine. It had been over a year since we had spoken. I asked her how she is doing. She said that she has made some life altering changes. She was always the kind of person who would talk about doing things but never take action.If you met her she walked with a pronounced slouch. Since she is only five feet two inches tall to begin with, this makes her appear much shorter than that.

She said she attended a class on improving her posture. The first time she went it was very awkward and she did not maintain much from that initial session. With five children to support on a single parents salary, she was feeling and carrying the weight of the world on her small shoulders. She went back for two more sessions of that class. The changes she made allowed her to send out a different signal to the universe. No longer is she representing all of her fears and doubts. Instead her signal is one of renewed hope. She no longer walks with a slouch.

She said this has impacted her life in a way she could not have imagined. She now is doing much better at her job and in fact is in line for a better position within the company.

Just that one change she made in posture has changed her position in the universe! What signal are you sending?