Sometimes it is our inability to accept the help we are being offered that stands in our way. As ridiculous as this sounds it is the absolute truth. Time and again I have heard stories that support this. While it happens more often with younger people , those who are established also suffer from the same issue.

This type of situation often reminds me of the following story: There once was a man who lived in a low lying area. He watched the television weather man give the forecast for the next couple of days. ” Hurricane winds accompanied with heavy downpours are moving this way over the next 24 hours.” The weatherman was saying. As he heard this forecast he prepared to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things.

What he missed as part of the forecast was the weatherman announcing the evacuation plan for this area. This plan was put into place since there was a 75% chance of flooding. The man went shopping and returned to his home. As the skies grew darker in the early evening, he prepared himself for the storm that was quickly approaching. The winds picked up just as predicted. But what the man had not counted on was the water that took over his first floor in the early evening hours. By daylight he was on top of his roof and his entire house was submerged under the rising tide.

As he sat on top of his roof, a neighbor came by in a boat and offered him a ride. He thanked the neighbor for stopping by but sent them on their way. The storm had received national attention and the national guard had been called in. A rescue helicopter was over his head. they sent down to him a rope in an effort to rescue him from the rising waters. He thanked them for stopping by and yet again sent them on their way. He said to all that tried to help him that “God would send him a sign.”

In the end the man did not survive this experience. Upon his death he was conversing with God. He asked God why he did not help him in his hour of need. God said ” How much more help did you need? I sent a neighbor in a boat and a helicopter with a rope?”

Are you getting some help in your life that you are not embracing? It may not come in the form that you had envisioned but it is still help!