One thing I have noticed is that people who enjoy continued success have:

M (Much)

B (Better)

A (Attitude)s

than their peers when it comes to all aspects of their lives. I used to be like a great number of people in that I had a job that I could basically do with my eyes closed. It became very routine for me. I was an underling at the time. I had the mindset of someone who was just processing every moment at work. I would wish away the hours until I could get out of the work place. I was always in a rush for what was next. Never enjoying what was in the present.

I changed all of that one day when I decided to get a MBA about everything I was doing. I decided that what I did for work was important. Instead of just processing myself and my time I began to really invest of myself and my talents to take the job I had to the next level.This resulted in my phone ringing off the hook from customers who were seeking ME !

I did not stop there. I took my MBA and incorporated the same principles I used at work into my family life as well. Where I used to dread a rainy day with my kids indoors, I learned to embrace them by having indoor picnics with all the kids teddy bears and other stuffed animals in attendance. It was something they would look forward to.

All you need to get an MBA is to start with one small part of your day. Whatever it is you process your way through, stop and make it an enjoyable experience instead of that THING you have to get done.