There are many ways we can look to see what is ahead of us. Some people rely on what they can visually see on the horizon or in the traffic jam. Other people rely on horoscopes to outline when they will be in a fortunate “cycle” . Then there are still others who get a gut feeling and allow that to show them the way.

The interesting thing about life is that of these methods of identifying what is ahead none may work for you. I have heard people say that they are floundering around. They are working a job that pays enough for the bills with not enough to get ahead.In this situation, how do you even hold onto a dream let alone foster it into a reality?

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with people from all over the world. Some have come from countries where access to running water on a daily basis is not possible. Other’s have studied their way through college by candlelight because they were not connected to electricity. This kind of resiliency is what is required to make the way to what is up ahead.

I often have chuckled to myself on interviews when my prospective employer asks, where do I see myself in 5 years. Most of the time I have no idea past getting through the interview and landing the position I have applied for. But I usually come up with an answer that shows I am looking ahead. That for the most part is all they care about anyway. Most employers want to make sure that they are not hiring someone who has the responsiveness of a Sloth.

If all of this leaves you wondering whether or not you should share you ultimate desire to you employer, the answer is NO. Your ultimate goal is YOURS. The ideas that you have to further yourself apart from your current status should be undertaken on your own time. There is no need of involving those around your place of employment unless they can assist you. When the time is right and your ultimate desire begins to take form, that is when you will be able to glimpse as to “What is up Ahead.”

By adhering to these principles, it is possible to avoid confrontation and competition where it is not required.