The use of tears has been traditionally affiliated with sadness. It has also been something that people attribute to a woman’s way of expressing her emotions. Not all tears are born of sadness though. Some show up as a result of frustration, anger or even extreme joy.

It does not seem to matter when the tears appear or for that matter what reason. The people around always say the same thing… “Are you alright?” or they might say “Don’t cry.” The reaction to either of these responses to our emotions seems to elicit more of those tears flowing from our eye ducts. When that happens people often want to offer a hug or some unsolicited advice.

In my own experience with crying I have often found it quite relieving when I am frustrated past my ability to problem solve. Sometimes just allowing myself to release the emotions attached to my frustration feels great(after I am done crying). Unfortunately, I cannot always control when and where the tears will come. Once the crying spell is over I find I can then re-visit the problem or situation I am dealing with from an entirely different perspective.

Since we are all so different in our reactions to circumstances, our experiences with this emotion vary as well. Tears can also serve us in difficult situations that we are trying to get out of, sometimes without our deliberate intent. A number of years ago, quite a few to be honest. My children were in the back seat of our family van, and I was driving. I thought I was paying attention, but the blue lights in my rear view mirror were telling me an entirely different thing. The officer pulled me over and tole me I had rolled through a STOP sign. He the asked me for my license and registration.

As I sat there watching him in his cruiser through my side view mirror, I started to cry. For what reason I haven’t a clue. The point is that by the time the officer came back to me I was almost completely hysterical. He told me I had to calm down before my kids started to cry along with me. He then gave me a BIG break with just a warning! It took me several minutes to recover from this experience. The only blue lights I want to see are at a special sale in a store!!

When do you cry? Does it make you feel better?