walk in the parkIt is usually in the spring and summer that our thoughts return to exercising. With the return of warmer and longer days it is more palatable to entertain the vision of going outside for a stroll. Once the temperatures begin to take a dive into lower numbers, we dive under the covers and swaddle ourselves with extra blankets and sweatshirts. Our excuses for not walking are long and our commitment to start again is short. We forge ahead into the winter holidays complaining of too much food and too little time to take care of ourselves. But we have the power to change all that! Walking is a great way to get some exercise in. Many people have done great things from the energy they received from fifteen to twenty minutes each day of walking. If you cannot stay on track alone, find someone to walk with. If the weather outside is inclement there are area malls that allow mall walkers prior to the opening hours of the stores. Of course you can always join a fitness center. With memberships priced at the equivalent of five dollars a week it is hard to justify not walking at all. The benefits of walking are many and the shortcomings are few. Give yourself a gift this year and begin by taking care of all of you Mind, Body and Spirit!