There is a world of possibilities available at all times. But our ability to seek them out is really heightened in times of adversity. That is when things seem entirely impossible. Unless you have ever experienced a time when your circumstances seemed out of your control you may not know what I am talking about. It is in the moments that are seemingly steering you on a crash course to your failure, that thinking outside the box truly kicks in.

When you feel as though you are pinned in a corner, a multitude of thoughts begin to come to you. Most often I have heard people speak about these thoughts as though they were coming in streams. Some people say they have had a flood of ideas all at once. Things they would have never considered if everything remained the same.

In 2009, Angela Logan was in a dilemna. She had 10 days to come up with a mortgage payment or face foreclosure. She decided to try selling her apple cakes as a last resort.She caught the attention of various news outlets across the country and Canada as well. Once her story was placed on the Today show orders flooded in from all over. She would probably have never considered selling her apple cake before this set of circumstances made her think about all the possibilities. Today Angela still make apple cakes, and she still lives in the home she was trying to save. She also teaches physical education at a nearby school.

We all have the ability to pull ourselves out of our situations and make things happen. We might not have a family recipe to fall back on, but by stretching our minds to find a creative solution could just be the answer we need. What possibilities are out there for you?