grieving parents A mother’s grief and a father’s shock, all too evident as they did not receive the outcome they so desperately sought. Throughout the history of this country we have seen this played out over an over again. While this was the most publicized trial involving the death of a black person, the result is the same. A teenage black son is dead at the hands of a white man who shot him. His parents stood together through the trial and the verdict, forever bonded by the son they have lost. Together they forged a partnership to bring the man who shot their son to trial. And then in the blink of an eye the trial was over and their son’s killer was set free. Free of all charges. Innocent by a jury of six.

But there will be little freedom for the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin. Outraged by the verdict and equipped with resources our ancestors lacked, today’s black community is out to put an end to this type of injustice and rightly so.We understand that no person should have to petition and beg to have someone held accountable for their actions. And we know the face of racism when it is blatantly placed in our faces. There will be no need for riots. But be prepared for march’s and relentless press regarding this verdict. This will be case that will not go away anytime soon and rightly so.