Sometimes knowing where your headed is more important than the road you take to get there. The variations in how we reach our goals is what makes each of us unique. If we all took the same road to get to our destination it would become very overcrowded and congested. Much like traffic during a heavy commute. It would also lack ingenuity and create a postage stamp feel to things.

There are countless stories of extremely successful people who have made it big by following their dreams. Each time they tell their stories it i supposed to be inspirational for those who read it. The majority of people who hear these stories say things like: “I wish that would happen for me” or “I wish I had thought of that.” Without even entertaining the thought that they might actually be sitting on the next great idea.Statements similar to the ones above show a lack of faith in oneself that change can be as simple as taking a walk.

But it really is just that simple. With the advantage of the internet on our side becoming an int entrepreneur has never been easier or more difficult all at the same time. Social media is littered with people in similar industries all vying for a piece of a pie that only has so many pieces. The only way to get the attention that you want is to do what comes from your place of knowledge.

Trying to duplicate what someone else is doing will only make you appear as though you have absolutely no fresh ideas. Your ideas may not be fresh but your perspective may come as a fresh breeze to an otherwise stale topic. Stay focused on where you are headed instead of the road you are on. This will ensure that your final destination will be at the doorstep of your dreams.