power in thoughts

It’s easier than you would believe to head in the wrong direction. And in most cases this happens from our own thoughts. Our thoughts even the ones that control small decisions have immense power over our lives. I talk about this a lot with my kids. Because there is no greater power that we all have other than our thoughts.

It is how we USE our thoughts that determines our ultimate success or failure. I say ultimate because some people can hold things together for a small amount of time. That is in comparison to those who keep their business in line continuously. The only difference is how each person is THINKING!

I recently had a conversation with a single mother of three children. She was telling me that her finances were behind because she was fired from one of her jobs. To make matters even worse the father’s of her children are in arrears for support.She told me she was not driving her car because she figured it would be repossessed soon. As she held her head in her hands she was beginning to cry a little.

During our conversation, I suggested that she contact the bank that held the loan on her car. I said ” at least have the conversation.” In her mind there did not seem as though there were any reason to do that. I persisted by saying “If the bank does not hear from you they have no idea what is going on.” She did not answer me. Instead she walked away shaking her head.

Two weeks later I saw this woman again. This time she had a big smile on her face. Although she was still behind on her bills, she had talked to all of her creditors. She explained the situation to them and came up with a plan for repayment. By changing the way she was thinking, she altered the outcome of her circumstances!

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