Someone asked me the other day if I knew where I stood in terms of my SEO ranking. I answered quite honestly that I had no clue. This person who is seeking to help me boost my visibility was concerned with my lack of knowledge over such things. She said I should be paying attention to this portion of my business as it will exponentially increase traffic to my blog.

She then went on to inform me of how I rank right now in comparison to others in the same field.I had never given any of this much thought. I have been thoroughly content to simply write. Every day as part of my routine I write my blog,articles for publication, speeches that I have to give and still work in a little time to work on my book.

It was after this conversation that I realized this woman is RIGHT! I should be concerned about where I stand. Not only on the internet but also how far have I evolved into where I want to be in my pursuit of attaining certain goals. It was so easy for me to just bury myself into my writing that i had completely forgotten to pay any attention to where I stand. I could be standing at the front of the line and not even know it. What if an opportunity were to come my way? With my head ” in the sand” so to speak I would not be prepared to have a conversation surrounding it.

Now that I know where I stand, my plan is to keep abreast of my progress. I used to mark my progress through the content in my posts, speeches that I make and articles that I write. But it takes a lot more than that to be aware of where you stand. I have also figured out that i do not have to manage all aspects of my goal by myself. Since all I know is how to write what people can relate to, that is what I am going to stay with.

I am going to let someone who understands all this technology driven SEO search engine optimization stuff handle that for me! Do you know where you stand?