One of the most difficult concepts to understand is that of abundance.While most of us are focused on what we YET need to acquire, what we should be doing is focusing on what we already have. By doing that more will come your way. We hear these words and read them all the time only to continue doing the same things over and over again.

To effectively attract more into your existence it is important to appreciate where you are now. With the things and people who occupy your space. Now you mat be looking around your place thinking “I have nothing to appreciate”. But just remember this, what you take for granted would be heaven on earth for someone else.

Seven years ago when I was newly divorced and recuperating from breast cancer surgery,I began walking outside when the weather got warmer. Although I enjoy going to the gym, there is nothing that can compare to the scent of spring and summer in the fresh air. I took a look around and realized that i should really be walking with my four year old golden retriever. Our first attempts at walking down by the beach were fairly disastrous. Dutchess, loved people and they loved her, that was until she tried to climb up into their laps. At seventy five pounds, no one wants that much puppy love.

It took us a couple of months and one Gentle Leader,but when that time had gone by we became a walking team.On one of our daily walks we met an elderly woman who was restricted to a wheelchair after her stroke. I wish I could take credit for Ducthess’s gentle demeanor with this woman. She gently went over to the wheelchair placed her head on the woman’s lap so she could be petted. The woman’s companion suggested that Dutchess and I(actually no one cared if I showed up or not) visit the local nursing home. Before I knew it we were visiting that nursing home at least once a week. Some of the people just wanted to look at Dutchess while others did not want to stop petting her.

I met more people and made some long lasting friendships.Most importantly I realized how lucky I was to have shared a moment of brightness in those people’s day. My own recuperation took a lot less time because of all the exercise we were getting. My abundance came in a rich rewarding feeling I had from those visits. As for Dutchess, she was always ready with a wagging tail and some would say you could see her smiling. I realized that receiving comes from giving from the heart!