It is all to easy to focus only on all of the pitfalls involved in taking a risk. Especially when we have seen bad things happen to other people who have walked a similar trail. When our focus gets changed from our purpose to a state of confusion nothing will get accomplished. We cannot manage anything while we are concentrating on outside influences. They can only get in our way if we allow them to.

The one thing we must be prepared for are all the obstacles that will be placed in our way. Some we might be able to anticipate, but there will be others that are unforeseen. And when those barriers are placed in front of us, it is our duty to remain concentrated on our goal.

In 2003 I decided to take my cookie making hobby, and turn it into a business. I had absolutely NO idea of what I was getting into. I did a little bit of research on the concept. I had read that there were many people who started similar businesses out of their homes. However, in the city I lived in that was NOT allowed. Even if I renovated my kitchen to meet industry standards they would NOT permit it.

With an impossibly small budget, that news left me in a quandary as to how to proceed. I discovered a small group of entrepreneurs with similar interests. They all had started small specialty food businesses. I went to one of their meetings, and had the opportunity to speak with a few members about how they got started. I was surprised to discover that many of them launched in vastly different ways. And each person I spoke with gave me varying advice.

I was not SOLD on any of the ideas I had been presented with. Then at the end of the meeting, the President of the group gave a short speech. In her speech she outlined how she started her HUMMUS company. This information got my wheels spinning. You see she was a lot like me with a small budget. What she did was to rent out a church kitchen.

One week later I was on the phone with the Pastor at the church, requesting to rent their kitchen. He called me back a few days later to let me know that the Board of deacons approved my request. I was elated, and it was far less expensive than renting space in a shared kitchen. It was a beneficial relationship of myself as well as the church. I kept that kitchen sparkling clean and saved the church from having to hire someone to do it. On the other side of things I was renting the facility for $25 per DAY.

Instead of concerning myself with the pitfalls of renting a shared kitchen or hiring a contract baker, I focused on my goal. A place to bake the cookies myself. I had a limited budget. If i had listened to everyone who was giving me advice on all the THINGS THEY thought I needed to get started, I would have been in debt before the first order was placed.

By controlling my expenses, it made getting customers easier. When I met with a prospective client I did not come across as someone who was starving, just merely HUNGRY for new business. And even if the initial sale was small it was okay, because my overhead was extremely low!

Stay FOCUSED on what is REAL not imagined. Take bits and pieces from other people when they give advice. And remember that in the end it is YOUR idea and you should do it YOUR WAY!! There is NO proven formula for everyone, only outlines!