So many times people will say they are looking for an opportunity. They really want to do something new and different.But when the opportunity presents itself they talk themselves out of it. Maybe they say things like “Me?, why I can’t do that!” or “Maybe after I get some more training!” The reality is this: If you are looking for something and it comes your way, you had be ready.

At the very least ANSWER THE DOOR! The knocking you hear will not last forever. At some point you will be taken out of consideration and that chance will have dried up faster than a puddle in the hot desert sun. Before you begin looking at the opportunity prepare yourself. You would not cook a chicken in the packaging from the store would you? Of course not. Do the same with yourself! Prepare yourself for the time when you hear the knock of opportunity at your door!

It will come to you when you least expect it. And it may not come in exactly as you had planned. But that is the nature of true opportunity.Do not worry or concern yourself if you do not have everything lined up in a row. Go for it! This opportunity may only knock once!